Tuesday 17 September 2013

Filtering Google Searches

Google have now suddenly, seemingly without warning, started redirecting people to the HTTPS website.  They've been doing this with logged in users since forever, but now they've started sending people who aren't logged in to the encrypted version of the search engine.

Today we caught wind of one local authority who have notified all their schools that they are no longer able to filter Google searches because of this change.  This is interesting because none of this affects our filtering systems at all - our Iceni servers are able to force users into the unencrypted version of Google and therefore filter it.  We can also turn SafeSearch on for all users automatically.  In fact, our systems have been able to do this for years, which is quite reassuring - even though Google seems to have caught some filtering providers off guard, our software has proven robust in this respect and we've not had to do anything.

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