Friday 6 September 2013

Busy week!

Well, its the end of a busy week.  It has been the start of term for a lot of schools, so the phone's been ringing off the hook as problems are discovered with maintenance that has happened over the summer.  Its pretty much the same every year, so hopefully it will start to settle down next week as usual.

Still, despite that, I've got all the logging stuff done for the web filter, although it needs a thorough testing, and I've been working on the auto-updater for filtering data today.

Our existing system uses SubVersion to store criteria used for filtering web requests - every night we incorporate new data into SubVersion, and then all of the customer machines make web requests for updates and are sent unified diffs, with which they update their local databases.  This has turned out to be a little hard to maintain and not as scalable as we would like, so its all being moved into a PostgreSQL database.  Today I've been working on some PHP code to generate deltas from the database in response to auto-update requests from the customers.  There's quite a lot of filtering data - too much to want to send it all to every customer each night, so instead we will be sending deltas as XML.

But its reached that time on a Friday when my concentration has run out, so that's a job to finish next week!

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