Wednesday 31 December 2014

Npower refusing to comply with orders from the ombudsman

I have to say I've been quite impressed so far with the Energy Ombudsman's handling of my Npower case.  On 26th November they ordered Npower to:
  • Send me a letter of apology
  • Credit my account with the discounts that I was entitled to, which they failed to apply (the Ombudsman actually calculated this to be slightly more than I had)
  • Ensure that an unexplained bill adjustment is corrected
  • Credit the account with a "goodwill" payment
  • Refund me all of the remaining credit on the account
The goodwill payment wasn't as much as I'd hoped, given the amount of time and inconvenience that they had cost me, but all in all this seemed not a bad resolution to the problem.

Npower were required to comply with this order by Christmas Eve...  so today I've written to the ombudsman to report that they haven't bothered to comply...  I've had no communication from Npower at all since the ombudsman issued the order 5 weeks ago.

With levels of competence like this, I do wonder why the regulator doesn't just rescind Npower's licence.